WHY: Honesty

I leaned over to a friend yesterday and asked her what I should blog about. I’m out of ideas kids. Other than the one called “Why I don’t vote” and I think that should be saved until at least October. She thought for a moment and then said quite simply:

Write something honest.

I laughed, because that is totally something C would say. She’s all about honesty. I get lectured about it. Not about lying, because I’m  not a pathological liar or something. Honesty for my friend includes telling people how we feel, not lying to make someone feel better but speaking the truth in all situations and remembering the truth about ourselves as found in Jesus Christ.

But after a moment of laughter, I sobered. I don’t know how to blog about something honest. I read once that knowing the balance between being vulnerable online and not overwhelming people with your problems is a hard line to draw. I think in many ways I’ve erred on the side of overwhelming, sharing too much.

To blog about something honest first requires that you actually have something to write about. More often than not, I don’t. There isn’t much in my life that is interesting to the masses. I’m in grad school, and a Christian one. I work four jobs, but not in anything thrilling. I climb, I hike, but I’m not the best photographer. I read voraciously but not books that I think most people care to hear reviews on. I used to write–I used to write so much–but lately the well of creativity has dried up. And so, I have very little to tell you.

I’m sure you can tell sometimes. There are posts where I’m just grasping at straws to say something–anything–just to make sure I have a post up on Wednesday and maybe another before the weekend. Blogging is a burden a lot of the times. Because the honest gospel truth is, I have nothing to tell you.

And that’s probably the most truthful thing I’ve ever written on here.


One response

  1. Let me challenge that. I have felt similar about going overseas, in a way. What have I to give? Nothing out of the ordinary at all, if I’m honest.

    But that’s also NOT true. If every soul is uniquely created and gifted by God, then if a blog gives of that soul, shows yourself, walks through your life and your journey, than it IS something worthwhile to tell.

    I have the same dillemna of how much to honestly share. There are things I’d love to write that would be the depths of my soul that I just can’t because, well, the whole world knowing wouldn’t be healthy for my marriage or friendships. If there are times when we can just share our lives honestly, that alone is worth something.

    And truthfully, most of the blogs I read aren’t big bloggers but I keep reading because I’m interested in the person…. mostly because I know them and I want to hear their heart.

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