Jam Packed Weekends

Last weekend I camped with E and friends from church and then I moved from one side of town to the other. Let’s just say, I didn’t get much homework done and I’m pretty exhausted.

But it was all very worthwhile.

The camping trip was absolutely perfect. E and I arrived early since my classes ended in the morning and he can take off work. We set up a massive tent (the Grand Lodge by Jeep), took logs from nearby campsite, chopped wood and settled in with books around the fire. When the family joining us finally arrived E was taking a nap and I had only struggled through 50 pages of my philosophy homework.

Their dog, Jeremiah, shot out of the car and into the trees, thrilled by the crisp air and the whistling winds above us. Every stump help a new smell, each little path a new adventure. The children followed suit as soon as they were released from their carseats. T and little A stumbled around, weary from the drive and overwhelmed at the sights. O had to be held, cranky and teething but full of wide eyed wonder.

That night, after the children had been put down, E and I enjoyed some time with our friends. We savoured s’mores made with nutella instead of chocolate and talked about culture, religion and the mess in between.

This couple is about ten years older than us and they are full of wisdom and grace. The weekend, especially the evening without kids, was so encouraging for E and I. That isn’t, of course, why we invited them. We actually wanted to get J to try camping since she hasn’t gone in years and was a little worried the entire time. We don’t go camping by ourselves anymore, and we thought that J and her husband would be great fun to have along.

But in our conversations it was a real privilege to hear J’s heart while E talked with A about work, fishing and church. I love having more insight to someone who I look up to and who has so many qualities that I hope to one day exhibit. She was sweet and honest and I appreciated hearing more of her story. I was surprised at how similar we are in several areas and God used her to remind me that I’m not the only one who struggles in walking the faith or living the life we’re given this side of Heaven.

It might have been easier to move on Saturday and had the weekend to unpack, finish homework and find time to breath in the midst of the city’s chaos.

But it was better to find that chance of rest in the mountains with wise friends who could encourage and challenge us by just being themselves.


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