It’s the obligatory thanksgiving post.

I’m sitting beside Ethan on the couch while he reads Killer Angels and the sweet potatoes are boiling in the kitchen. I was supposed to do a Turkey Trot this morning but it didn’t work out so I’m delighted to sit in the quiet of my living room with Ethan beside me as a symphony plays the Christmas Song on Pandora.

The trees outside have lost their foliage, they’ve stood, brave and barren for several days now, skeletal figures of who they once were. That is how the last year has been for me. I’ve been stripped down to the bare reality of my humanity and I’m slowly being scrubbed clean. He’s done this marvelous work of laying to rest the lies I’ve lived under and the ridiculous titles I bore that were not about Him and, in the end, not really true of me either. The days are short but sunny and the cold has not yet settled into our lives. It will come, of course, it will be dry and bitter, full of chaffing winds and lonely winter nights. But seasons pass and the cold will too. The trees outside my window will bud, ever so gingerly at first, and then, one day, they will burst into bloom with newfound life and hope.

But right now, on this very great holiday, it’s still fall. It’s the inbetween holiday: remembering the past and looking forward to future hopes. That’s where life is at too.

I’m so thankful for this journey, so thankful for Ethan walking alongside me. Grateful for provision, for school and for community. We’ve found a delightful church and my words can say what a blessing they have been. We have so many friends, we’ll have two thanksgiving’s and plenty of left overs. In the midst of being pruned and cleaned, my God is very good.

Enter his courts with thanksgiving and his courts with praise;
give thanks to him and praise his name.

For the Lord is good and his love endures forever;
his faithfulness continues through all generations.


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