Because last week was long and hard and exhausting,

because sometimes we just need a little laughter,

I’d like to introduce you to texting (or turxting) conversations between Ethan and myself (hope you’ve seen Castaway):

S: …I’m asking if there’s a way for us to know what’s going on at the meeting and vote by proxy. I also affirmed we’re committed, sound ok?

E: We are committed

S: Great. Sending the email.

E: message in a bottle

S: I cc’ed you. It is floating your way.

E: WILSON!!!!!!

S: poor tom hanks.
S: I hope you know I just blogged that.


goofy roommates

this is why I love my roommate.


My favourite seat in the library has a pretty great view of the mountains. On Thursday, as I pretended to write a paper on child sacrifice (more to come on that), I could see a storm coming in. At first I could make out the edges of the dark grey clouds as they edged over the mountains, but eventually those edges had crawled far east of the seminary campus and the sky was a blanket of granite slate. The mountains had turned grey blue and I could hardly make out the foothills. I knew my roomie was planning to go to RMNP (she was set to borrow my pass before it expired) so I sent her a slightly concerned text which caused the following conversation:

S: not to be mothering but because I like you : I can see a storm coming in over the mountains, so if you go to RMNP and do Trail Ridge Rd, please be careful! :o)

St: Not going anymore and thanks mom. I am playing with your camera today though. : )

S: Enjoy the camera. :o) And you’re welcome, awkward-older-than-me-daughter… wow this ish just got complicated. :p I might be tearing up as I try to not laugh in the library…


yep. that conversation happened.


Want to hear a funny story?

Yesterday I posted about what I thought was a lovely Friday morning in the library. Turns out it was actually a lovely Thursday morning! With no work this week except catch up for school and errands….I can’t keep track of the days.

So here’s to another Friday morning where I get to finish that homework and head to the mountains for a hike. Pictures to follow! Have a great weekend my friends!


you know the academic research class you’re taking is offered by a Christian school when the example for researching in a specific database is

“so, for this keyword, I’ll use ‘blood’ and have it match exactly; though I could have told it to just look for things beginning with ‘blood.’ Then, I can click this plus sign button and enter another keyword, we’ll use ‘sacrifice.'” …..

because if it’s not a religious school, you probably need to reconsider your choice of graduate programs…

WHY: The Time Wasters

It’s finals next week here at Seminary. That means I have a paper due tomorrow, another due Tuesday and four exams before next Friday. I also have a conference at church this weekend, a garden to plant and work to keep up with. But really, it’s no big deal.

In fact, it’s such an easy, carefree time that I’m blogging right now, rather than editing the paper due tomorrow. I don’t need to revise that piece of artwork, I thoroughly thrashed the book I was reviewing and backed up every argument to the point of a walled in fortress that could never be successfully assaulted. Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen. It may have gone over the page limit, but it was necessary. I’m sure the grader will agree.

This morning I arrived on campus at 8am and met with a friend. This afternoon I’m going on a run. Tonight I work and have a study session. See?! Study session tonight for an exam more than a week away! I’m clearly prepared for anything the professor might throw in my general direction. So what else do I have to do today besides checking my Facebook and enjoying a variety of videos on Youtube?

Time wasting? Procrastinating? No.

These social media sites are far from addictive time wasters. They are:

Educational. For example, as a young woman with many friends of the male persuasion I was shown this video only an hour ago. It’s not for the squeamish or those disturbed by dark humour. It’s the story of an eagle attacking a goat twice its size. But please, enjoy. If you need a biologically educational study break–which I had earned after an hour of socializing and complaining about my paper–here’s the video for you!

Communicative. Please enjoy the recent status update on my Facebook:

Informative. The Denver Channel informed me via Facebook that the Charger’s Linebacker Junior Seau has died after being shot in his San Diego home. Police are starting an investigation. Also, let’s be honest. You’re getting an update on my life from this post. Clearly this other use of social media (blogging) is informative. Who doesn’t want to know what’s happening in the life of Sara B— at 1.58PM Wednesday the 2nd of May 2012 AD? That’s right. No one. Because everyone wants to know.

Formational. One name: S. M. Lockridge. I got chills listening to this man in my Church History class yesterday. I kid you not. I had goosebumps from a cassette tape that warbled the great man’s voice. Watch it: That’s My King. Be transformed.

Deceptive. Finally, I’ll admit. Youtube and Facebook are deceptive because they steal away my time before I even realize it’s gone missing. Dangit. I just practiced emotional cutting in surfing through pictures of friends who are engaged, married, pregnant; I’m still single. That’s terrible. Facebook just told me my life was incomplete and that with the right social life it would be vastly  better. It said that I was lacking something other than just Jesus. Youtube promised distraction, but I was reminded, once I hit the pause button, this is real life and it isn’t going away. Crap. Shoot son.

I’ve got finals next week. I’ve got work tonight. I have bills to pay and people to love.

I need to get crackin’.

Me? No. Couldn’t be me!

recently I was walking out of a building on campus and a professor I had last semester held the door open for me. It was a class taught by a few professors and this one hadn’t always been present. We started walking towards the parking lot together and I asked how his semester was going. Suddenly it occurred to me that he might not recall who I was and he might just be acting the part of a polite professor who knows too many students without actually knowing them. So I stuttered out something along the lines of:

“Oh, I was in your TM class last semester, I know you’ve got a lot of students.”

to which he responded:

“Yeah, I remember you. You sat in the back and smirked.”



I went to the stock show with my friends Corey and David. Corey is from California, David is blind. It was a unique experience. After running into David, a woman apologized and then–on realizing he was blind–kept apologizing until we’d gotten past her. David has quite the knack for sarcasm:
“I don’t understand why people start apologizing more when they realize I’m blind. I mean, it’s like, ‘oh my gaw! you’re blind! I’m sorry! It’s so much worse than running into a person who can see! It’s not like they have feelings!'”
“People just say stupid stuff, you know? Like, my favourite is when guys say, ‘man, you’re so lucky you’re blind. You must not struggle with lust at all.’ What?! Right, because blind people don’t have sex drives.”
“Yeah, the other good one is when people at church come up and tell me, ‘you’re so lucky to be blind so you don’t have to see all the sin and evil in the world.’ I want to be like, you didn’t see the Holocaust, did you? Does that mean you don’t know what happened?”

last night in class, while going over the syllabus, my professor was trying to explain what might be a suitable excuse to miss one of our three quizzes: “none of this, ‘oh, I’m going on vacation’ no, no, that’s not my problem. A good excuse would be…something like a fatal car accident. Or perhaps loss of limb during a ski accident.”
fatal car accident? You’re right that’s a good excuse, because it was fatal!

 the same professor also told a story to illustrate improper use of a computer in class. “I was listening in on a lecture–evaluating an adjunct. So I sat in the back of class and watched a student who was on Facebook almost the entire class. It was really distracting for even myself, so afterwards I went up to him. He was a very short man [Professor is very tall] so I stood really close to him, just to make a point as I towered over him and said, ‘you know, it’s really disrespectful to do that while you’re in class and it’s also quite distracting for other students as well.’ The student gave me this look and in a snotty voice said, ‘and who are you?’ [gasp from class] Yes, so then I told him who I was and he sort of stuttered, ‘oh! I’ve always wanted to meet you!’ Well, now you have.”

and now, I’m going to stop procrastinating on that 10 page behemoth waiting to be created.

WHY: I should stop being insecure

alternate title: WHY: I should not be so chatty when insecure.

recently I met a friend’s new roommate. I invited him to come to something and then thought  he might feel obligated so I immediately flipped around and started explaining myself. I tried to recover from something that wasn’t even a failure. My friend related what happened after the event was over and he had returned home.

C [roommate] : your friend’s interesting.

E: how so?

C: well, I just met her, and I could tell she was into me.

E: dude. She’s not into you.

C: what?

E: she’s after some scrawny half bearded kid at seminary. she’s not into you.

C: oh. okay then.

and all this, simply because I didn’t want someone to feel obligated to hang out with me if they didn’t want to. I have got to learn that I can be friendly. But not overly chatty and feel a need to recover from something that doesn’t need recovering from…. because apparently, I give off the impression that I’m romantically interested in someone when I talk to much.

I don’t think I want to meet too many more male roommates in the future.